Co-production Treaty between
Germany & Luxembourg

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Sign Date | 14 June 2002

In force | 29 September 2003 (2002-06-14)

Activity | Production

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Specific Conditions

  • The co-producers shall be residents or registered companies on the territory of one of the coproducing countries.
  • Creative, artistic and technical participation must be proportional to the financial participation of each co-producer (at least 1 creative personnel, 1 lead actor, 1 supporting actor and 1 technician; a leading performer shall be counterbalanced by no less than 2 qualified technicians).
  • Artistic and technical staff involved in the film must be nationals or permanent residents of either Germany or Luxembourg, or must be nationals of a state of the EU or of the EEA. The participation of third-party country performers or technicians is permitted, subject to agreement between the competent authorities of both countries.
  • A participation of not less than 20% may be limited to a financial contribution alone, subject to joint approval of both coproducing countries.