Co-production Treaty between
Morocco & Spain

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Sign Date | 27 April 1998

In force | 27 April 1998 (1998-04-27 )

Activity | Production

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Specific Conditions

  • Production companies must respectively comply with the applicable Spanish or Moroccan regulations,
  • Artistic and technical staff must be nationals of either Spain or Morocco, or nationals of one of the member states of the European Union
  • Minority coproducer contribution has to include technical, artistic and creative participation in proportion with his investment
  • Studio shooting shall preferably take place in studios located within majority coproduction country
  • Co-produced films shall be shown at international festivals by the country providing the majority co-producer or, in the event of equal financial participation, by the co-producing country of which the director is a national.
  • In case of location shooting in a third-party country, production staff from both countries will be preferred.
  • In case of the participation of third-party countries with no coproduction treaty, their contribution shall not exceed 30% of the global cost of the film