Tratado de coproducción entre
Argentina & Colombia

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Condiciones específicas

  • Production companies must have a financial set-up and professional experience recognized by the competent authorities.
  • Minority coproducer contribution has to include at least one leading actor, one supporting actor and/or one qualified technical staff person, in addition to key creative person.
  • Director(s), must be Argentinean or Colombian nationals or residents.
  • Creative, artistic and technical participation must be proportional to the financial participation of each coproduce.
  • All participants shall be nationals or legal residents Argentina or Colombia. If required by the film, professionals not citizens of one of the coproducing countries may be permitted, in exceptional circumstances, and subject to agreement between the competent authorities.
  • An application for approval shall be made simultaneously to the competent authorities at least two months before shooting of the film is due to start.

Otras consideraciones

Valid for 2 years / renewable automatically