I have problem logging into Olffi

Please make sure you have filled in your information correctly.
If you have a problem please contact us here.
If you have lost your password click on "Lost password?" on the login page.

How is Olffi updated?

The information displayed on the Olffi platform has been collected from the film funds' websites and validated by the film funds themselves.

Since 2016, film funds have had the possibility to update their profiles directly on our website using the self-update procedure. More than 50% of the information published on our platform has been gathered this way.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that our users visit the funds' websites directly after identifying potential financing sources on our platform to make their own inquiries.

I have spotted discrepancies in the information provided on Olffi

Please let us know if you notice any discrepancies.

If you are a fund manager, you can update the information directly through the self-update procedure when listed as a contact for the program. Don?t have access? Send us a request through our contact form.

If you are a producer, please let us know what the discrepancies are by using our contact form.

I would like to list a missing fund or program to the OLFFI database

Thank you for sharing the information with us and our users.

If you are a producer or a professional advisor, please use our contact form and send us a link to the website of the fund or program you would like added.

If you are a fund manager, you can add a program yourself using the self-update procedure. If you would like to add a new fund, please use our contact form to send us a request so that we may give you access to the database.

Are all funding sources listed?

Olffi only lists funding sources which are directly funded by public funds.

While we explain the rules of the film and television designed tax shelters we do not list the companies brokering them.

Likewise, we do not cover equity funds nor banking institutions which are likely to cash flow the production rebates.

Can I approach the fund directly?

Most of the funds only accept applications by local producers. However, they are always willing to share information. Make sure to have a specific inquiry if you contact them directly.

Can you advise which coproduction country is best for my project?

The Olffi team can help you to determine a strategy and locate your potential financing scenarios through a paid consultancy service. For more information, click here.

How to promote Olffi?

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If you are a producer, please recommend us to your colleagues and propose to your local producers' association the Olffi widget for their website. You can also recommend to your local fund or film commission to advertise with us.

If you are a public fund, help us by advertising on our website. Olffi is here to promote your offers and bring value to your producers' community.

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