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The German Producers Alliance – Film & Television/Allianz Deutscher Produzenten - Film & Fernsehen e.V currently has approximately 220 members and represents the major part of all German production companies working in animated film, documentary, feature film, TV drama, TV entertainment and advertising film production, making it the most influential German producers association. It came about from the merger of its predecessors, the Association of New German Feature Film Producers (AG Spielfilm), the Association of German Entertainment Producers (AGEP), the Federal Association of German Television Producers (BDF) and film20. The association’s main goal is to present a collective, united front to the rapidly changing media world and to establish itself as a reliable, independent lobby group for German producers working in film, television and other audiovisual media. Therefore, the German Producers Alliance – Film & Television represents at a national and international level the interests of producers vis-à-vis politicians, distributors, management and trade unions, and all media and cultural corporations with the aim of effectively and efficiently achieving fair competitive conditions for the production and media market as a whole.