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Greek Union of Film , Television and Audiovisual First Union Association is founded on July 8, 1948. A group of filmmakers of that such as Gregory Gregory, Stavrakos, Nick Kokolis, Jason Novak, Filopoimin Finos, George Niagasas, Dimi Dadiras, John Drimaropoulos etc., were the inspiration and initiative of this establishment. The mission of the Union are: - Application of the forty eight hours and hours of work per week. - Registration of Trade Freedoms. - Signing collective agreements. - Overthrow the regime of "unskilled" in force until 1982 for Greek filmmakers. - Claiming copyright of the techniques of film and television, and these rights with the establishment of a collecting society Copyright named "ISOCRATES" - Representation and participation in decision-making that shape policy for the Greek Cinema: a) Film Advisory Board of the Ministry of Culture, b) General Assembly and Board of the Greek Film Centre, c) General Assembly TIFF d) National Awards Ceremony Committee Quality of the Ministry of Culture and e) Board Short Film Festival of Drama, and members of the World Organization of Workers FISTAV audiovisual area and later UNI-MEI. - Upgrading the living and educational standards of technical workers.