Co-production Treaty between
Belgium & France

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Specific Conditions

  • A general balance shall be maintained regarding both the artistic and technical contributions as well as the financial contributions.
  • Each coproduction film requires, from both sides, an effective artistic and technical participation.
  • The minority co-producer’s contribution must include, as a minimum and in any case: 1 executive writer or technician ; 1 actor in a leading role or 2 supporting actors, or, if agreed by the competent authority, a second executive writer or technician.
  • All participants in the film must be nationals of either France or Belgium, or nationals of one of the member states of the EU or of the European Economic Area, except in case of particular requirements of the film.
  • Studio shooting shall preferably take place in studios located within the territory of either one of the two states which are parties to this Agreement.
  • To benefit from the provisions of this Agreement, coproduction films must be approved by the competent authorities of both Parties no later than four months after their cinema release in France or Belgium.

Other considerations

Signed with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation