Co-production Treaty between
Portugal & Spain

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Specific Conditions

  • The convention applies to coproductions involving at least three coproducers, established in three different parties signatory of the Convention (Parties). It applies also with at least three co?producers established in three different Parties and one or more coproducers who are not established in such Parties.
  • The contribution of the coproducers who are not established in the Parties may not exceed 30% of the total cost of the production.
  • Bilateral coproduction, in absence of bilateral treaty between the two Parties, may be accepted under this convention, subject to the agreement of the competent authorities.
  • In the case of multilateral coproduction, the maximum contribution may not exceed 70% of the total production cost. When the minimum contribution is less than 20%, the Party concerned may take steps to reduce or bar access to national production support schemes.
  • Contribution of each of coproducers shall include effective technical and artistic participation, in principle, proportional to their investment and must maintain a general balance.
  • Subject to the international obligations binding the Parties and to script requests, the technical and craft team involved in filming the work must be made up of nationals of the states which are partners in the coproduction, and post-production shall normally be carried out in those states.
  • In principle, coproductions shall include one or more minority contributions which may be financial only, provided that each national share is neither less than 10% nor more than 25% of the production costs ; and include a majority coproducer who makes an effective technical and artistic contribution and satisfies the conditions for the cinematographic work to be recognised as a national work in his country.
  • In order to benefit from the provisions of this convention, the coproducers must submit an application for co?production status two months before the start of shooting.