No visa is required for a a 6-month stay for the citizens of the following countries: Bahrain,  Kuwait,  Oman,  Qatar,  Saudi Arabia,  United Arab Emirates.
No visa is required for a a 3-month stay for the citizens of the following countries: Jordan
For more details please consult: http://www.emigrants.gov.lb/default.aspx

Permits are generally a quick and easy process. Locking down city streets typically takes about a week to permit. Journalists heading to film in Beirut’s southern suburbs will need permission from Hezbollah’s media office and an accompanying escort. You will need to write a letter from your media organization requesting a permit to film in Lebanon addressed to the Head of International Media Relations, Ministry of Information.

ATA carnet accepted

The standard VAT rate is 10%

The copyright protection in Lebanon originally available to literary and artistic works is now extended to computer software, video films and all kind of audio-visual works.

Social security Working Hours. The standard working time is eight hours per day or the equivalent of 40 hours per week as set by the Labor Law guidelines. The maximum legal duration of work cannot exceed 48 hours per week.

Coproduction treaties