Navarra Film Commission

Country | Spain
Region | Navarra
City | Pamplona

3 Paseo Antonio PĂ©rez Goyena
31008 Pamplona


Navarra Film Commission is the office of the public foundation film INAAC (Navarro Institute of Media Arts and Cinematography), created by the Government of Navarra in 2009 to facilitate the work to companies and audiovisual professionals who wish roll in our community. It offers - free of charge - information, consultancy and administrative procedure services to producers, agencies or companies to facilitate their decision-making process about shooting, recording or photography, and helps interested companies to optimise their human, material and economic resources. Navarra Film Commission supplies information and acts as a broker for agreements and actions aimed at consolidating and facilitating shooting in the region, acting as a link between the Government of Navarra, other public administrations and private individuals, and also the audiovisual sector.