Algarve Film Commission

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To promote the Portuguese Algarve as an attractive location for the film and multimedia industries while developing the domestic audio-visual businesses. Our Goals: - To create a FILM-FRIENDLY ALGARVE in order to support cinema and audiovisual production in the region; - To POSITION THE ALGARVE in the film industry; - To TRAIN specialists, creating new job opportunities, to RESEARCH and spread knowledge about cinema and audiovisual production in the region. How can we Help ? - Inform and advise on possible locations in the Algarve; - Assist in location scouting; - Assist in recruiting local crew and extras at competitive rates; - Contacts and coordination services with the audiovisual industry; - Coordinate and connect production companies with local private companies and public services; - Information on infrastructures, hotels, restaurants, rent-a-car, catering companies, travel agencies, etc. at special rates (production companies will take care of the bookings).