FFA - German Federal Film Board

Fund Goal

The FFA's duties include enforcing measures to promote German cinema and to improve the structure of the German film industry, supporting the national economic affairs of the film industry in Germany, improving the foundations for the distribution and market-driven exploitation of the German cinema...

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Fund's programme(s)

Programme Level Activity Budget
DE - FFA/BKMGerman Motion Picture Fund National Production 15 000 000 EUR
FR/DE/LU/BE - FFA Co-development Support in the Grand Region National Development 200 000 EUR
DE - FFA Film Production Support National Production 14 300 000 EUR
DE - FFA Scriptwriting Support National Scriptwriting
DE - FFA Short Film Funding National Production
DE/FR - FFA Coproduction Support Germany France National Production 3 000 000 EUR
DE/IT - FFA German-Italian Co-development Cinema Fund National Development 100 000 EUR
DE/PL - FFA Polish German Film Fund National Development / Production 500 000 EUR