Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard

Fund Goal

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) is the first stop for creative professionals active in the film and media industries in Berlin-Brandenburg. Its aim is to foster stronger industry-wide ties among its many companies and creative professionals, provide funding for media-related projects in the region...

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Fund's programme(s)

Programme Level Activity Budget
DE/CA - MBB Canada-Germany Digital Media Incentive Regional Production / Development 300 000 EUR
DE - MBB High End Drama Series Regional Production
DE - MBB TV Series & Pilot Production Program Regional Production
DE - MBB Games Regional Production 150 000 EUR
DE - MBB Virtual and Augmented Reality Regional Production / Development
DE - MBB Innovative Audiovisual Content Regional Production / Development 1 300 000 EUR
DE - MBB Production Support Regional Production 25 000 000 EUR
DE - MBB Script and Project Development Regional Development
DE - MBB TV Series & Pilot Development Program Regional Development
DE/FR - MBB French-German Co-productions (development of TV series) Regional Development 200 000 EUR
DE/PL - MBB German-Polish Film Fund Regional Development / Production 500 000 EUR
DE/TR - MBB German-Turkish Co-Development Fund Regional Development 75 000 EUR