Danish Film Institute

Fund Goal

The Danish Film Institute (Det Danske Filminstitut - DFI) is Denmark's national agency for film and cinema culture. It supports the development, production and distribution of films and run the national archives. DFI allocates subsidies for the development, production and distribution of Danish films...

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Fund's programme(s)

Programme Level Activity Budget
DE - Short Fiction Scheme National Production 5 600 000 EUR
DE/DK - German-Danish Co-Development Initiative National Development
DK - Commissioner Scheme National Production 9 500 000 EUR
DK - Market Scheme National Production 6 300 000 EUR
DK - Minority Coproduction Scheme National Production 1 600 000 EUR
DK - New Danish Screen - Development National Development
DK - New Danish Screen - Production National Production
DK - Video Game Scheme National Development 1 600 000 EUR
DK/CA - Canada-Denmark Co-Development Incentive for Digital Media Projects National Production 1 500 000 DKK