Croatian Audiovisual Center

Fund Goal

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), founded in 2008, is the national agency responsible for supporting film production in Croatia. As a main audiovisual agency in Croatia, it has the overall responsibility for the growth of the domestic industry.

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Fund's programme(s)

Programme Level Activity Budget
HR - RE-ACT Co-development Funding Supranational Development
HR - Croatian Minority Co-production Support Scheme National Production 930 000 EUR
HR - National Film Production Scheme and Minority Co-production Scheme National Production 7 000 000 EUR
HR - Screenplay And Project Development Support National Scriptwriting / Development 538 000 EUR
HR - TV Screenplay And Project Development Support National Development / Scriptwriting 150 000 EUR
HR - Cash Rebate for Film and Television Production Production Incentive Production 65 000 000 HRK