Film Fund Luxembourg

Fund Goal

The Film Fund Luxembourg's primary goal is to promote and foster an environment in which the country’s film production industry can develop and flourish. It manages the various programs through which the Luxembourg government provides financial incentives to audiovisual productions and it is responsible...

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Fund's programme(s)

Programme Level Activity Budget
FR/DE/LU/BE - LU Co-development Support in the Grand Region National Development 200 000 EUR
LU - Cineworld Supranational Production
LU - Support to Scriptwriters National Scriptwriting
LU/CA - Canada-Luxembourg (Codevelopment and) Coproduction Incentive National Production 600 000 EUR
LU/CA - Canada-Luxembourg Codevelopment (and Coproduction) Incentive National Development 600 000 EUR
LU/IE - Development Fund For Women Filmmakers Supranational Development 120 000 EUR
LU - Financial Selective Support (AFS) National Production 20 000 000 EUR